Give your child the tools of a lifetime through sports and physical participation with gymnastics classes at Gymco.

About Gymnastics Ages 3–6

An hour-a-week of gymnastics training will give your child more physical confidence, a can-do attitude toward fitness and healthy habits that will last a lifetime. Gymco’s early childhood gymnastics program provides preschoolers and kindergartners with a foundation of gymnastics and pre-sport skills. Students become more independent and grow by leaps and bounds physically. Our proven system of step-by-step instruction gives students a safe, supportive environment to grow. As they try new things, overcome obstacles, and practice and master skills, they build confidence, develop sportsmanship, and find that perseverance pays off! And best of all, they learn that being physically active is fun!

  • Ages 3-6, preschoolers and kindergartners

Required Forms

Save yourself time upon check-in by completing these forms ahead of time.

Gymco’s early childhood gymnastics classes have age-specific objectives:



  • follow teacher’s instructions
  • take turns and share with others
  • socialize with other children
  • build confidence
  • identify parts of the body
  • explore and master motor skills
  • memorize body positions


  • follow teacher’s instructions
  • memorize terminology
  • develop independence
  • build confidence
  • increase coordination, agility, strength, flexibility, depth perception, body and spatial awareness & balance


  • learn to be a leader
  • sequence skills
  • develop independence
  • build confidence
  • master gymnastics skills
  • overcome physical & mental challenges

You can join an available class at any time during the session. If a class is full, we can add you to the waitlist and notify you when there is an opening. Monthly tuition for each class is listed below. An annual membership fee is also required for class enrollment at Gymco.