kids come to Gymco to learn gymnastics, tumbling and sports skills, but what they’ll really come away with is a positive attitude about physical activity that will influence their whole lives. Gymco helps kids develop their bodies, their confidence, and their character

Gymco mission

Gymco helps kids build strong bodies. We help kids learn and master the basic athletic skills they’ll need all throughout their lives, whether they are playing on a team or just having fun. Something magical happens when kids learn how to throw, catch, kick, run, leap, and twist. Gymco kids are ready to be active. They get up and join in the game!

Gymco helps kids gain self-confidence. We motivate kids to try new experiences and discover how it feels to succeed. When kids come here, they may never have scaled a rock wall, done a backflip, or walked along the high beam. But when we show them, step-by-step, how to overcome challenges, they try. And try again. It may take a while to figure out, but we always reassure them that it’s okay. When they do progress, they feel great. And they’re more prepared for the next challenge they meet

Gymco helps kids develop character. Nobody’s born knowing how to throw a ball or do a cartwheel. Teaching your body something new takes some work. But at Gymco, we want every kid to see that working toward a goal can be fun, and eventually, it pays off! The sense of satisfaction each kid feels is proof that it’s worth the time and effort

Not all gymnastics programs are the same, see for yourself what makes Gymco’s program the best in town, learn more about Gymco’s classes and set up a free trial class.  If you would like to talk with us about which class is right for your child, give us a call (616) 956-0586. Ask about sibling discounts, classes for kids with advanced skills, classes for kids with special needs, and homeschool classes.

Gymco has 4 proven processes to help every student learn:

    • We challenge each child individually, Gymco recognizes that every child learns in their own way, at their own pace
    • We support and encourage every student, Gymco students develop confidence as they learn in our fun, friendly environment
    • We educate with innovation & creativity, the Gymco team is constantly training and gaining new ways to teach our students
    • We teach in progressions, Gymco students learn skill step by step, it’s a safe and effective way to learn

Gymco classes

Gymco is a friendly, happy place for kids to learn gymnastics, tumbling, freestyle, aerial arts, sports skills, cheer skills, and pre-K skills. Gymco is a premier gymnastics facility with the best gymnastics program in the area. We have taught over 80,000 students since we opened our doors 39 years ago. Learn more about tuition, class placement, how to register, office hours and answers to other frequently asked questions

Gymco's first students practiced in an old barn
Gymco’s first students practiced in a barn

Gymco was founded in 1980. Our first classes were held in an old barn behind the Luther Village Retirement Home on 32nd Street. We’ve grown from our humble beginnings to become a top-rated gymnastics program with a 16,000 sq. foot state-of-the-art facility. learn more about Gymco’s history



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