Project Description


Take your skills to the next level with private lessons.

About Private Lessons

Gymco’s private lessons are available for all ages with expert teachers! Enjoy a one-on-one session or bring a friend or more (preferably of the same experience level) for a private class. Lessons may be booked in half-hour increments and are billed at $39 for a half-hour lesson or $78 for an hour.

Book your private lesson today—call us at 616) 956-0586 or email us to schedule.

  • For all ages

  • Gymnastics: general skills, bar, beam, specific skills

  • Tumbling: cartwheel, round off, bridge walkover, front flip, back handspring, aerial

  • Aerial arts: silks, lyra

  • Special needs physical education, movement & gymnastics

  • Bike riding

  • Cheer: individuals, or groups of 2 or more

Required Forms

Save yourself time upon check-in by completing these forms ahead of time.