Project Description


Busy guys and girls learn skills they can show off, all it takes is an just an hour a week.

About Gymnastics Ages 10–18

Teens and tweens stay fit and learn cool skills with gymnastics. We have the knowledgeable instructors, space, equipment and the soft landing to make learning safer and easier.

  • Our students learn at their own pace, from never-tried-it-before beginners to advanced gymnasts and everything in between
  • Our students enjoy rising to the challenge, the thrill of trying new things on the beam, bars and on the floor makes staying fit a positive experience
  • Our students are surprised how much they can learn with the right tools and expert instruction

Gymco offers additional opportunities to practice and learn: they can practice with older students on Tuesday nights at Open Tumble or 6 days-a-week at Open Gym. Saturday Clinics allow students to work on specific skills, we have private lessons too!  And check out our other classes for age 10 and older—Tumbling and Aerial Arts.

Our program is different, gymnastics at Gymco is for EVERY body:

  • Classes at Gymco are stress-free and safe, teens look forward to class every week
  • Our gymnasts come in all sizes and fitness levels and gaining gymnastics skills helps promote a positive body image
  • Students learn in their own way, Gymco’s instructors are trained to teach to all learning types
  • Our students don’t compete with each other, they’re challenged to gain skills step-by-step in our friendly, casual environment
  • Classes are fun! (We know teens like to play too!)
  • Relieve stress & burn off energy

  • Get stronger, more flexible and more coordinated

  • Improve posture & increase flexibility

  • Gain confidence in their abilities and boost self esteem

Required Forms

Save yourself time upon check-in by completing these forms ahead of time.


You can join and drop a class anytime. If a class is full, we can add you to the waitlist and notify you when there is an opening. Monthly tuition for each class is listed below. An annual membership fee is also required for class enrollment at Gymco.