USA Gymnastics Excel Competitive Teams 

Gymco’s Competitive Gymnastics Team builds athletes today and leaders for the future. Young athletes in Gymco’s Competitive Team will gain confidence as they learn to set goals and work hard to achieve them. They will gain athletic skill, physical strength & flexibility without over-training their growing bodies. Athletes will be nurtured by coaches in an environment that values integrity, sportsmanship & team-spirit.

Competitive Team members: the heart of a warrior, the spirit of a cheerleader. Female gymnasts, age 6 – 18 may participate in Gymco’s Competitive Program. If your child is interested in this life-changing opportunity, please contact us to learn more about the program.

Competition Team Leadership: the most experienced leaders in the area. Gymco’s Competitive Team is led by experts in the industry with the valuable combination of gymnastics expertise and child development knowledge. Our program will feature excellent coaching, a balanced approach for healthy development and high expectations for growth and personal achievement. One day, our gymnasts will move beyond their competitive experience, but the values they learn in our competitive program will impact them positively for a lifetime.

• Supervisor Doreen Bolhuis: former elite level coach, member of USA Gymnastics Junior Olympic Committee, physical education teacher, a national leader in the gymnastics and child activity industry and President & Founder of Gymco.

• Director Shannon Morris: former competitive gymnast, current national-level cheer judge, degree in psychology and Gymnastics Director & CEO of Gymco.

• Coach Katie Peterson: former competitive gymnast, child development major at Calvin College and level 4 master teacher at Gymco.

Interested athletes may complete an enrollment process that will include an evaluation of gymnastics skills and a parent conference. Please contact  or call (616) 956-0586