handstand acro workshop

Saturday, June 15th. 1pm-3pm

Join us for Gymco’s first handstand acro workshop! Local movement coach, wellness expert and agro yoga trainer Zac Kraai will bring his expertise to Gymco for this exhilarating workshop. Students age 10 to adult will learn to organize their body within the field of gravity for optimal alignment – register here for the handstand acro workshop at Gymco

acro yoga is for EVERY body

You don’t need to be a master gymnast or a seasoned yogi! Don’t worry if you can’t do a handstand, or even touch your toes, all you need is a desire to learn! If you’re new to acro, you’ll enjoy this safe, healthy way to find your alignment – if you are experienced with yoga or arco, you’ll be challenged to learn new ways to move and use your body’s strength & balance.


  • $25 cost

  • age 10 to adults

  • all skill and fitness levels are welcome

  • Saturday, June 15th. 1pm-3pm


ready to sign up? register here for acro yoga at Gymco

a waiver is required to participate in acro yoga at Gymco, please complete your waiver online before the workshop: Gymco waiver