Join us for our Adult Tumbling Workshop, developed specifically with teens and adults in mind. Students will learn tumbling skills like: cartwheel, handstand, round off, front flip and more. Gymco’s Adult Tumbling Workshop will be offered in spring and summer 2019. Students will learn how to flip, roll and jump in just an hour a week for 5 weeks. No gymnastics experience is required! All you need is basic athletic ability. Gymco has the experience, instructors, space, equipment, and the soft landing to teach tumbling skills in a safe, stress-free, time-efficient way!

SPRING workshop: April 16 – May 14

EARLY SUMMER workshop: June 4 – July 2

$75 per workshop, age 13 to adult

sign up on the Gymco parent portal or enroll on the workshop registration link below
questions? email or call (616) 956-0586

Gymco’s adult tumbling workshop offers tumbling instruction for teens and adults. Learn how to cartwheel, back handspring, handstand, front flip and more. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn in just an hour a week. Gymco’s experienced instructors will teach tumbling in step-by-step progressions – which makes learning easier, safer and more fun. If you have any questions, or if you’re not sure if this workshop is right for you, please contact us, email or call (616) 956-0586. No matter what the weather, tumbling in gymnastics is a great way to stay fit and learn new skills.

Adult tumbling is a special 5-week workshop for age 13+, if you’re interested in a year-round tumbling class, we have several options for age 6-18 and you can join and drop a class any time of the year, schedule a free trial class.