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If your toddler is walking, he or she is ready for Parent & Tot Class at Gymco! It’s the perfect very-first-class for little ones. Tots age 1-3 gain the experience of taking direction from a teacher with you by their side. Early walkers love learning new ways to jump, climb, catch, balance, roll, swing and explore their physical world. (you’ll be surprised how much they develop physically and socially!) 

Your child will learn so much in parent & tot class! 

Tots learn gymnastics and so much more, including cognitive and social skills like listening, following instructions, taking turns, sharing with others and problem-solving.  They also gain physical confidence, increase fine & gross motor skills, overcome fear of heights and learn new ways to move their whole bodies. Our littlest students take so much pride in their accomplishments as they rise to the challenge of learning age-appropriate skills.

Parent and Tot Class will give your child a love of learning and valuable skills and habits that will prepare them for school, sports and the playground!  Classes at Gymco run year-round, and you can join (and leave) a class any time of the year. Check out Gymco’s schedule of awesome Parent & Tot classes, and click enroll to save your spot:

Not sure if your child is ready? See for yourself with a free trial class. Questions? email or call (616) 956-0586

Join a class now, and set aside an hour a week just for your tot – you’ll both have a great time! All it takes is an hour a week to halp your son or daughter grow physically, socially and emotionally

    • toddler classes are a fun way to give a cautious child confidence
    • classes for tots teach energetic kids safe ways to burn off all that energy
    • shy kids enjoy the social interaction with the security of having mom or dad nearby
    • the warm-up at the beginning of each class is a great way to learn structured play in a group setting
    • parents become aquainted with age-appropriate physical milestones in classes for toddlers
    • swinging, climbing, jumping – ittle ones gain the skills they’ll need on the playground with toddler gymnastics
    • gymnastics improves strength, coordination and prepares toddlers for sports & dance and give them a can-do attitude toward physical activity
    • Gymco’s Parent & Tot Program offers co-ed classes for little girls and classes for little boys
    • not your typical baby class, Gymco’s program offers progress reports to help parents see the physical skills their tot learns
    • if your child loves a mommy & me class, he or she will love having you in Parent & Tot class too
    • your tot can practice in the gym during open playtime just for tots at mini movers (Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9-10am)
    • Gymco has been teaching gymnastics for toddlers since 1980
    • learn more about our innovative gymnastics program and what makes Gymco different
    • we make sure the first class for toddlers is a fun and happy experience
    • tots first class will teach them to interact with a teacher and kids their age
    • our equipment is set up at just the right size in this class for little kids
    • tot class is a great way for mom or dad to learn and have fun together
    • Gymco has the best parent and tot class program in the area
    • fall classes, winter classes, spring classes & summer classes – Gymco’s toddler gymnastics program runs year round
    • this toddler activity teaches skills step by step in a fun but structured setting
    • little ones love to have mommy, daddy, a grandparent or a special relative in class as they explore the gym
    • no matter what the weather, classes offer year-round activity for toddlers
    • Gymco builds character in kids, classes for all ages teach sportsmanship, respect, patience and determination

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