special needs

students with special needs

Gymco offers free evaluations for your student with special needs to determine if private gymnastics lessons or a mainstream gymnastics class would be most beneficial. At Gymco, we focus on teaching skills in small increments and building one skill on another. This allows students to enjoy achieving small successes as each building block is mastered, creating a sense of self-worth and confidence. Participants increase their coordination, auditory processing, cognition and social skills as they gain independence.

Gymco also offers specialized curriculum for schools. When students are transported to our facility, they enter a world of awesome adventure and unique experiences! Join the many school systems that take advantage of Gymco’s programs for their students with special needs!



Gymco Parent Testimonial – – – “I wanted to thank your wonderful team yet again for an outstanding job with my son. His therapists who have not seen him since June remarked on a big change in him. When I told them the only thing different was his class at Gymco, they just smiled. Both of his therapists cannot say enough good things about the changes in him. They are big fans of your program and how you treat kids who don’t fit society’s definition of “normal.” Your staff — Miss Jill, Mr. Kevin and Miss Stacey — make me want to cry EVERY time I pick him up. His day starts with a great big hello from Jill and Stacey, and he won’t start unless he runs full boar to get a great big hug from his favorite Mr. Kevin. My husband and I realize our son is very active and not easy to keep in line at times, but that is not the impression your impressive team gives me. They always want him, love him, discipline him and teach him. This might be repeating myself but it is so important that it bears repeating: Your team rocks, and I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful love and care that my son receives EVERY time he enters your doors. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for making us feel like our son is special. We can’t thank you enough.” – Charlette M.


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