gymnastics (ages 3-6)

gymnastics (ages 3-6)

Give your child the tools for a lifetime of physical participation with Gymco’s Gymnastics program for children aged 3-6 years! Life-long fitness habits begin with skills learned during childhood.

Gymco’s early childhood gymnastics program provides preschoolers and kindergartners with not only a foundation of gymnastics skills but also the tools they need to enjoy a variety of sports throughout life. In our Gymnastics classes, students grow by leaps and bounds in gross motor development, hand-eye coordination, rhythm, fine motor development, spatial awareness, and balance. They also build confidence, learn to set goals and gain leadership qualities! Gymco classes present age-appropriate challenges for each stage of development and teach students independence while enhancing their problem-solving skills. From the student’s perspective, they’re just having fun! Check out the class list below. If you have any questions give us a call at (616) 956-0586.









Objectives for our early childhood gymnastics classes

3-year-old class

  • follow teacher’s instructions
  • take turns and share with others
  • socialize with other children
  • learn conceptual skills
  • build confidence
  • identify parts of the body
  • explore and master motor skills
  • memorize body positions
  • enjoy being active!

4-year-old class

  • follow teacher’s instructions
  • memorize terminology
  • develop independence
  • build confidence
  • increase coordination, agility, strength,
    flexibility, depth perception, body and
    spatial awareness & balance
  • enjoy being active!

5/6-year-old class

  • learn to be a leader
  • sequence skills
  • develop independence
  • build confidence
  • master gymnastics skills
  • overcome physical & mental challenges
  • enjoy being active!

current schedule – gymnastics for ages 3-6

Gymnastics for preschoolers is a great way to introduce sports skills in a fun, non-competitive way. The best classes for kids are the ones that teach them to enjoy learning. At Gymco our classes for kids age 3-6 are suited for kids who have a lot of energy and physical confidence. Gymco’s classes for preschoolers are also great for kids who are shy and a little fearful. Gymnastics brings out the best way for kids to learn new ways to move. With classes for boys and classes for girls and classes for girls & boys, Gymco provides gymnastics instruction that teaches children age 3-6 how to balance, catch, throw, climb, roll, swing and jump. Gymco has been teaching gymnastics in Grand Rapids since 1980.

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