ninja & freestyle classes


freestyle class for boys & girls age 6-18

    • learn body control & aerial awareness
    • practice flipping, twisting & side rolling
    • learn cool moves for wakeboarding, snowboarding, skiing, skating, skateboarding or BMX biking

ninja class for boys & girls age 4 – 6

    • improve balance & coordination
    • increase strength & agility
    • practice climbing swinging & hanging
    • learn rolling, twisting & flipping
    • become a playground superstar

Not sure if a ninja or freestyle class is right for your child? Check out a free trial class. If you want more information, email or call us at (616) 956-0586 

Gymco’s Ninja Class in Grand Rapids: kids learn ninja skills as they practice ninja moves and maneuver around obstacles.  This weekly class for younger kids is a great way to experience ninja training. Students learn create ninja style moves as they conquer challenges. This active and fun program is geared just for boys & girls who have lots of energy and are looking for a great program to boost their athleticism.

Freestyle classes for kids age 6-18: offers instruction in freestyle skills. They build character and cultivate discipline & determination. Give your child the confidence to take on challenges with this super-active freestyle class. Children learn to channel their energy toward a focused, step by step goals gain physical skills and confidence for a more active and healthy life.


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