aerial arts

Gymco aerial arts

Take your fitness to new heights with aerial arts at Gymco! Soar into aerial arts and gain life-enhancing skills like self-confidence & bravery! Aerial arts is the perfect way to step out of your comfort zone and learn how to pose, climb, stretch, drop and explore what you can do on the silks and suspend yourself from the lyra as you learn the technique used by aerial artists to sustain yourself in the air! 

aerial arts silks class at GymcoGymco aerial arts classes include absolute beginners, beginners & intermediate for students age 10-adult. Students of all experience levels can take a turn the silks and the lyra! (like a hula hoop suspended from the ceiling). 

      • bring art & performance into your fitness experience
      • defy gravity
      • learn to be more brave
      • work your upper body, legs & core
      • have fun as your become more fit
      • learn in a safe, supportive environment
      • kids age 10 to adults, perfect for teens & tweens!
      • no experience necessary!
      • see for yourself with a free trial class
      • it’s just as fun as it looks!

    • Gymco has aerial arts classes for all skill levels:

      Aerial arts, also known as aerial acrobatics is the exciting skills used by performers in the circus and at theatres, concerts & events…aerial arts is an art form on the rise!  You can study aerial arts in Grand Rapids and learn some of the tricks used in Cirque du Soleil. If you’re ready to experience it for yourself, check out an aerial arts lesson at Gymco. You can learn the skills of an aerialist and gain strength and confidence along the way. Aerial arts for kids, aerial arts for adults, students age 10 to adult will learn at their own pace. As you look for aerial circus classes for kids and adults just remember, Gymco been teaching people new ways to move since 1980, and our well-trained aerial arts instructors will make your experience on the silks & lyra an exciting but safe one! If you’re wondering is aerial for me? Just take a free trial and see for yourself!