Nobody’s born knowing how to throw a ball or do a cartwheel. Teaching your body something new takes work. At Gymco, we want every kid to see that working toward a goal can be fun — and eventually, it pays off. The sense of satisfaction each child feels is proof it’s worth the time and effort they put in.

We work in progressive steps to help children gain self-confidence that’s based on real accomplishment. We promise your child will build skills and self-esteem in a positive environment in which he or she can grow and be supported and encouraged. We challenge our students in a safe, supportive way, so they learn to go beyond what they think they can do. Gymco offers gymnastics classes for kids of all ages and abilities.

You can join and drop a class anytime. If the class you’re looking for is full, we can add you to the waitlist and let you know when there’s an opening. If you’re interested in homeschool, team, advanced classes or preschool classes – call (616) 956-0586 or email Check out our full list of classes below or here’s a printable weekly class schedule.pdf

Monthly tuition for each class is listen below. An annual membership fee is also required for class enrollment at Gymco. The annual membership fee for one child is $45, or you can get an annual membership for the whole family for $59 learn more about the benefits of a Gymco membership


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