Movement is best for preschool – here’s why.

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Preschoolers are not built to sit still and keep quiet all of the time!

Here at Gymco, we believe that children need movement and adventure to engage the world and learn with all of their senses. Gymco’s Discovery Preschool program allows children the opportunity to learn through movement, play and adventure. Our students become part of a community and gain a sense of belonging in the Discovery Preschool program.

A highlight of our Preschool program is the time we spend in the gym each day doing gymnastics. Studies have shown that exercise is critical to brain growth and cognitive ability. Our students learn and practice gymnastics skills that increase balance, coordination and strength as well as many social abilities.

In the classroom, our creative curriculum gives children the opportunity to explore different interest areas that engage all of their senses. Students are able to explore the areas of blocks, dramatic play, art, sensory materials, library, toys and games. Teachers engage the children in meaningful play that encourages learning, problem solving and important social development. Our students begin to recognize letters and words in our print-rich environment and develop an understanding of phonics and counting.

Our time in the classroom also includes music and movement. Altogether, Discovery kids spend 2/3 of their time moving! Students engage all areas of their brain by adding movement to music; they learn to channel their energy into creative and productive outlets. We use musical instruments and add hand and body motions to many movement learning songs.

Our outdoor experiences help children develop confidence in new situations. Children are able to engage in creative play with a great group of friends – in a safe and secure environment, supervised by Gymco’s educated and experienced teachers. We spend time going on nature walks, letter scavenger hunts and engaging in activities that prepare children for Kindergarten and beyond.

At Gymco, we teach preschoolers in a way that respects and embraces their current stage of life. We help our students succeed during their introduction to school – and they develop a lifelong love of learning. We’re experts in child development, and most importantly: we love what we do!

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