Kids Say the Darnedest Things… Gymco Edition!

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Today’s blog was written by Gymco’s own Miss Betsey! Read more about her (and the rest of our amazing staff) here.


One of the greatest things about being with kids every day is that they always have something interesting to say. In my job, I have heard scientific theories, awesome encouragement, and platitudes of love. I never know when one of these amazing little people is going to make me laugh. It sneaks up in regular conversations about anything and everything. I am going to share with you some of my highlights of the last year or so with a Gymco version of “Kids Say the Darnedest Things!”

(Discussing seasons during Discovery Preschool)
Me: What season is it?
Student (age 3): Deer.

(Adjusting the bars in a level A class, after taller kids had been through)
Me: Ouch! I just pinched my hand when I was adjusting this bar.
Student (age 6): That is hilarious!

(Discussing weather in Discovery Preschool)
Miss Jill: When it gets really dark and the wind blows around in circles, what kind of weather are you in?
Student (age 3): A Tomato!

(While doing back rollovers)
Me: Use your arms to hold up your body! Your head isn’t strong enough to hold up a whole kid.
Student (age 4): Well, I drink a lot of milk…

(During Open Gym)
Student (age 5): We’re hiding from him, he’s the cops and the robbers, and so are we.
Me: Does he know that?
Student: No. (A few moments pass.)
Student: Now we are by the trampolines! (No running allowed.) Walk quickly for your life!

(Science experiment in Discovery Preschool)
Me: What will happen if I fill this balloon full of water?
Student (age 4): You are going to get in so much trouble!

(Sitting in the hallway with a student)
Student (age 5): That’s Miss Marla over there, she’s my favorite. You’re OK, but you’re no Miss Marla.

(During craft time at Kid’s Night Out)
Mr. David to me: If you paint that monkey with polka dots, he’ll look like he has chicken pox.
Student (age 7): No, it’ll look like it has the Ugly Pox.

(During floor-time)
Me: Why do you keep lying down? We have work to do!
Student (age 4): I’m sleeping on the job.

(While holding a student)
Student (age 4): You have black stuff on your eyes.
Me: Yep, it’s make-up.
Student: Why do you wear it? You are pretty anyway. (I swooned a little here!)
Me: Because I like the way it looks.
Student: It makes you look… short.

(Right before starting warm-up)
Student (age 8 and 1 day): Yesterday I had cake-flavored cupcakes for my birthday.
Me: Are there any other kind?
Student: No. But, that is what I had.

(Before class started)
Student 1 (age 4): What are we going to do today?
Me: Same thing we do every day, sit around and feel sad.
Student 2 (age 4): She’s being a sarcasm! We’re NOT going to sit around feeling sad!

(At the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Party)
Student (age 5): I have to be here, because my mom and dad had a date to go out and hold hands in public. Gross.

(Standing in line)
Student 1 (age 4): I’m the ‘boose of this train.
Student 2 (age 4): You carry the fire batinguisher!

(In class)
Student (age 5): Miss Betsey, did you know I’m cool with stuff?
Me: That’s good. I like cool people.
Student: Me too. That’s why we can be friends.

(Discussing math during Discovery Preschool)
Marla: If you have 2 gallons of milk, and your sister takes one away, how many do you have left?
Student (age 4): Two. She is littler than me, I’d take it back.

(Talking about the USA during Discovery Preschool)
Me: Do you know the name of the President of the United States?
Student 1: Barack O’Bottom!
Me: That is really close, but not exactly.
Student 2: She is RIGHT Miss Betsey! It’s PRES-I-DENT BAR-OOCK O’BOT-TOM!

Every single day I wake up knowing that something amazing is going to happen in my classes, and that these kids are going to light up the whole room with their beautiful faces and catchy laughter. Thank you, parents, for letting us teachers share your children. They are amazing people full of potential and wisdom. I hope to teach these kids as much as they teach me day after day, and I hope that I bring them as much joy as they bring me.

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