Stay active this winter… as a family!

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Winter can be an especially tough time to get motivated, but it’s actually one of the most important times to keep moving.  Physical activity boosts your immune system, gives you energy,
and helps regulate your body temperature!  With that in mind, here are nine ways to stay active this winter… as a family!

1.  Play inside.  Any time you’re playing with your kids, you’re making memories that will last a lifetime.  Here are a few game ideas to get you started…

  • Sardines: this game is a variation on hide-and-seek.  One person hides, and everyone searches for him… but when you find the person who is hiding, you hide with him!  The last one looking gets to hide during the next round.
  • Hopscotch: to bring this summer game inside, ‘draw’ a hopscotch course on the carpet or hardwood using masking tape!  See who can jump the farthest, skip squares, or jump on one foot.
  • Paper-plate skate: use paper plates to ‘skate’ on carpet.  You can practice spins and jumps, have a relay race… the list goes on and on.

2.  Volunteer together.  Places like Kids Food Basket allow kids as young as five to help… which means the whole family can be involved!  Volunteering is fun and rewarding for everyone (and a great way to meet new friends).

3.  Open Gym.  Try a Google search for ‘open gym’ in your area… many facilities allow non-members to come play on their equipment during off-peak times.

5.  Fitness DVDs.  Not ready for the gym quite yet?  Pop in a fitness DVD and invite the kids to join you for a living room workout!  You’ll work up a sweat together (and you’re sure to have some silly moments, too).

4.  Family fitness classes.  Winter is a great time to try a new sport!  Try out yoga, swimming or gymnastics to build skills that will last all year long.

6.  Go skating.  Many roller- and ice-skating rinks only charge for skate rental and provide hours of fun.

7.  Play outside.  Bundle up in lots of layers and head out into the snow to make snow angels, build forts, or sculpt a snowman.  Then take pictures with your creation!

8.  Dance party.  Mix up your cleaning routine with fun music and some awesome dance moves.

9.  Head for the hills.  Sledding and snow tubing are great ways to stay active at little or no cost… and they’re so much fun!


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