Gymnastics classes are the right choice for ANY child!

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Why are gymnastics right for any and every child? To start, there are lots and lots of ways both boys and girls of all ages benefit from gymnastics at Gymco:

• First (and always): it’s FUN!

• We teach skills that improve flexibility, coordination and strength.

• We help students set goals, work toward them… and then feel good about their accomplishments, so self-confidence soars!

• Students develop their listening skills and develop cognitive abilities to help in school and at home!

• Our students learn social skills when working with instructors and other children their age.

• The skills learned at Gymco help children find success in any and EVERY other sport.

At its foundation, gymnastics is an amazing developmental sport that has a profound impact on a child’s entire well-being… AND they don’t need to spend hours upon hours in the gym over-training their bodies to see dramatic effects!

It benefits your child physically, academically and socially. Gymnastics provides the proper athletic baseline for any sport your child may want to try. It helps increase flexibility, strength, speed, agility, coordination and balance.

Gymnastics also may prevent obesity, help blood pressure and improve bone density. Its effects are lasting! Active children tend to grow up to become active and healthy teens and adults.

Gymnastics has many benefits that may not be as obvious as the physical ones. It can help your child outside of the gym, too! Since gymnastics is a developmental sport, it builds skills through progression of steps. This helps improve your child’s concentration, and can help them with problem solving, math and reading in school. Gymnastics requires children to not only use both sides of their brain separately, but it also requires both sides to work at the same time together! This is very beneficial for brain development.

Gymnastics helps enhance children’s social skills. During class, children will observe, practice waiting their turn, follow directions, respect others and listen. All of these skills enhance their social skills. As a child achieves skills and is encouraged by their coach, they increase self-esteem and gain control over their body’s movements, which increases self-empowerment and body awareness.

Children of all ages can reap the benefits from gymnastics. Now is the time to enroll your child so they can experience the benefits gymnastics at Gymco has to offer. The best part of gymnastics is that your child will be having so much fun they won’t even realize how much they are learning in the process!

With all that gymnastics has to offer, you can understand why gymnastics is the foundation of ALL the classes and programs at Gymco.

Come be a part of the great sport of gymnastics at the most highly regarded child-centered facility in the Grand Rapids area since 1980 – Gymco! Visit to register online and for information on all Gymco programs. You may also stop by or call either location, if you prefer.

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