Eating right…and getting Fit4Fun at Gymco!

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Gymco got some attention from the news media this week for the work we are doing in bringing nutrition education to our families! 

We are thrilled to be seen as a health club for children and be able to teach children from a very young age the concepts of healthy living through physical literacy and nutrition. 

The obesity rate in children is three times higher than it was when we started Gymco more than 30 years ago. We want to be able to do all we can to prevent this rate from continuing to grow. While our Preschoolers have been learning nutrition elements for years, we wanted to begin a “Nutrition Initiative” to do more at Gymco. 

In the same way we believe physical literacy should start at an early age, we wanted nutrition to be something children are aware of and learn about as early as possible. 


Take a look at what’s been happening in the first steps of our “Nutrition Initiative” :: 

Healthy Vending…

We pulled out our old vending and brought in Fresh and Healthy. We told you about that change in our last blog entry. (click here to read) – – Just this week we welcomed CBS News, WWMT 3 to Gymco to do a story on the machine (video below).


Slushie Solution. 

We also converted our old high fructose slushie product to a 100% Juice product…and kids love it (shhhh…we do too!!!) 

Developing Fit4Fun…

We worked to develop a program called Fit4Fun this summer that teaches both fitness and nutrition to grade school children. This program will be so much fun (hence…the name)…that kids will barely notice they’re leaning skills that they will carry with them for a lifetime!  Visit our website to learn more about Fit4Fun

Bring in the Expert!

In addition to these exciting additions at Gymco, we are also thrilled to partner with a local family nutritionist… Jen Byrne.  


Jen shares Gymco’s mission to educate young children and families on the importance of healthy living. As a Holistic Health Counselor I help young families struggling to understand what to feed their children. Together we explore a wide variety of foods and find simple, whole foods based recipes that your family will love and that fits your individual needs,” says Jen. 

Being able to refer families to Jen is an important part of really working to educate the whole family on proper nutrition. At their request, families will have the ability to work one on one with Jen. They can also take part in future workshops we will offer on topics from “Simple, Whole Food Cooking” to “Getting the Sugar Out”. Workshops will include recipes and handouts and will be offered to parents in convenient one-hour timeslots…while their children are in class!

Jen will also be guest blogging for us soon. Look for her post in a couple weeks on Healthy Snacking on the Go! …Just in time for summer!!!

Talk to Us!

We always welcome your thoughts and ideas on what we’re doing here at Gymco. We’d love to hear about some of your kids’ favorite healthy foods!

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