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In American society today, it has become socially acceptable for junk food to be available everywhere we turn, and sometimes it’s the only option we have. With today’s popular and convenient foods and drinks loaded with sodium, sugar, fat, and preservatives, it doesn’t come as a surprise that our younger generations are on track to be the first to live shorter lives than their parents. Incredibly, 12.5 million American children are considered overweight.

It’s clear that the way we’re going to turn this around is by getting our children to be more active and helping them eat better.

Adding Nutrition to the Equation

For more than 30 years, Gymco has focused on teaching kids the importance of physical fitness in a healthy lifestyle…and we’ve made it fun! More and more, we recognize that fitness is only part of the total equation when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle.

Now, we are proud to bring the other half of the equation into our “children’s health club”. If you’ve been with us for awhile, you may have noticed that we (ahem…) gave our old vending machine the boot. We found it was full of that socially acceptable “junk”…that may be ok in moderation, but it wasn’t what we wanted children to believe was part of their healthy lifestyle. Instead, we want to be part of introducing children to healthier alternatives to snacks they already love.

Sooooo….this week, we are introducing a new member to our team. It’s a new vending machine called “Fresh and Healthy”… and it’s packed with healthy snack-time choices for everyone who walks through the doors at Gymco.

While we love this new opportunity to provide you with healthy snacks, we recognize that it’s one thing to offer the healthy choice alternative, it’s another to convince a child to try new foods. You’ve seen this at home just like the moms who work at Gymco have experienced! Sometimes it’s just plain easier to give kids what makes them happy instead of what keeps them healthy!

Carolyn, our marketing person here, has three young girls herself (ages 4 – 10). She says, “I found the struggle becomes a little easier when I talk to the girls about what good food and bad food does to their bodies. Educating them gives them a better understanding of why I may say ‘no’ to fistfuls of candy filled with sugar and artificial colors.” She continues, “It’s not like my girls love love love whole wheat bread. They’d much rather have the taste of the enriched white bread. But whenever they complain, I explain the difference and I’m no longer the bad guy that took away the yummy bread or the gushie fruit snacks…instead, I’m the mom who’s helping them make better food choices. I’m making the unhealthy food the ‘bad guy’!”

You are your child’s first educator on proper nutrition, whether it’s by example or by conversation. Here are a few tips to help your children learn about making those healthy choices :

Tips for Helping Children Make Healthy Food Choices

    • Explain that the body is like a car. Cars need fuel to run, and so do our bodies. Food is fuel for bodies! Good fuel makes us GO! And bad fuel can make us SLOW….
    • Providing basic nutritional information can help children in making better choices.
    • Talk about Nutrients with your child. Nutrients are Carbohydrates, Fats, Proteins, Vitamins, Minerals and Water . (Stop into Gymco sometime to pick up some very helpful sheets we have that explain how each of these Nutrients work in our bodies! Or click here to view and print them now.)
    • Look at a label together and talk about what’s in what they’re eating…and how it fuels their body. Compare a food choice that is unhealthy with a healthy counterpart. Look at the ingredients and the nutritional information. Talk about the differences.

Beyond the New Machine!

In addition to our new vending machine, we are proud to announce the addition of a new class we are rolling out this summer! The program is called “Fit4Fun” and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays beginning June 4th and continuing through August 24th. All children entering 1st – 5th grade are welcome to enroll in this class that will teach them about fitness and nutrition in a fun environment. They might not even realize they’re learning…but they’ll take away lessons on healthy living that will last a lifetime!

We look forward to bringing you more blog posts in the future about healthy choices…from fun meal and snack ideas to giving a close look at nutrition labels. If there’s anything you’d like to specifically hear about, we welcome your comments and feedback!

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