Stacey’s Blog: Your kids are awesome!

Posted on Friday, May 13th, 2011  |  


Your child is famous. Yes, that is right!

We think they are silly. We think they’re polite.

We think they are smart, wild, strong and some a bit devious.

Reserved, clever, kind, pretty and most are mischievous.

We boast about your little girl’s beautiful back handspring.

We laugh about your little boy’s Shakira-like dancing.

We are proud of your daughter when she remembers how to do a pike!

We celebrated with your son when he first learned to ride a two-wheeler bike.

In the break room, we tell stories about the great things our students said or did.

And long after leaving work, we can’t help but talk about “our kids.”

We hope and pray the best future for your child.

And we thank you for sharing their lives with us,

whether it’s for many years or only a little while.


Miss Stacey

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