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Posted on Friday, May 20th, 2011  |  


Our fall/winter session of Discovery Preschool wrapped up this week. I have been looking back at pictures of the students and am amazed to see how much they have grown in the past nine months. We had so much fun and I am really going to miss the children who are moving on. I loved teaching these kids and hope they had as much fun as I did!

Hopefully, they learned a few things from us teachers, such as what “B” says, how to count to 10 in Spanish, how to do a backward roll and a few other things. I know I have learned a ton working with them. Although they are young, children are very wise and have a lot to teach adults if adults are willing to listen.

Here are a few things I learned from my preschoolers this year:

  • Sticking out your tongue helps you concentrate on everything from walking across the high balance beam to writing your name.
  • It is impossible to keep play dough separated by color. It will ALWAYS turn into a giant brown ball. (This was a tough one for me to learn.)
  • Appreciate the little things in life: a bug on the sidewalk, a beautiful dandelion bouquet, an airplane flying overhead.Snack
  • Going outside in the winter means watching children struggling into their snow pants and jacket, helping them push on their boots, getting their hat on and waiting for them to figure out their mittens. Only after all of these steps are complete will they tell you they now need to go to the bathroom.
  • It is okay to get messy, stray from the lesson plan and be silly.
  • Patience: Things take time when you are working with kids. It is worth it to slow down and take the time to teach them instead of doing things for them.
  • Forgiveness: I have seen kids SO mad at their friend and, the next minute, they are building blocks together. Kids express their feelings and then get over it.
  • Perseverance: Our mantras are “Just try your best” and “Don’t give up.” It is important to just keep trying.
  • Kids say the funniest, most random things and if you really take the time to have a conversation with them, it probably will be the highlight of your day. Appreciate their creativity and imagination. I also have learned it is entertaining to listen to conversations between the kids themselves.
  • I have learned how much a compliment or an “I love you, Miss Jill” means and how a huge hug from a student can turn even the worst day around. Children are so expressive and kind, and it always brings a smile to my face.
  • Kids are honest and will always tell you the truth, regardless if you want to hear it.

It is SO much fun to get to work with kids every day and I hope that you all have amazing children in your lives to learn from.

Miss Jill

Preschool/Kindergarten Director

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