Gymco’s Culture

Posted on Thursday, April 7th, 2011  |  


At Gymco it is intention to sustain culture that is energetic and welcoming to our employees and customers.  Each of our students has special gifts and sparkle in their eyes, and it's our desire to enhance them to their fullest potential. 

While we endure to be a trusted resource for your family, we also wish to provide a fun and challenging work environment for our employees to grow their individual talents.  Gymco's teachers and staff have high performance expectations, but within a supportive environment for professional and personal growth.  As we nurture our individual gifts, we have the privilege of becoming close friends, co-workers, and encouraging each other through our lives. 

Our Marketing Manager, Paige, has provided 6 years of amazing service to Gymco's employees and customers.  With many laughs and memories, we will miss her so much ~ but we also realize that Paige will treasure her time with daughters, Leah and Taryn more than ever. 

After a wide search high and low to “replace” Miss Paige – we found someone who is going to be fabulous!  It is with great joy that we welcome Bethany Page as our new Marketing Coordinator.  Bethany comes with much experience in the sports industry and a love for children.  You may even see her 9 month-old little Gibson floating around Gymco too!

Here's to cherishing our culture, memories, and friendships ~


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