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Posted on Friday, April 1st, 2011  |  


YOU are the most important role model for your child!

For better or worse, the everyday habits of parents make a huge impact on their children.  New evidence proves that parent's lifestyles play a large role in childhood obesity. “According to a childhood obesity researcher at Seattle Children’s Research Institute, children tend to adopt the behaviors of their parents, whether they are sedentary or physically active”, reports USA Today.

The study went on to say that parents who watch a significant amount of television are likely to have kids that act the same.  The daily habits of parents will certainly become the daily habits of their children.  So, the key to raising active and healthy children is to make a change in your own lifestyle first.  Physical activity not only teaches good health habits, but it promotes quality family time too.  Active families interact, communicate, bond, and build memories together.  Kids feel valued because parents are focused on them instead of the television.  This contributes to good social skills and emotional health in addition to physical health.  

Try incorporating more movement into your everyday habits.  Begin setting aside time every night for physical activity.  The choices are endless, depending on your interests.  Take a walk as a family, ride bikes, play Wii, throw and catch on the lawn, play badminton,  hide and seek, hopscotch, basketball, jump rope, ice skating, sledding, or other activities you enjoy.  Whatever the season, stay active indoors or out.  You don't need expensive health club memberships or equipment, just a little imagination and creativity.

Active time is great not only for the kids; the adults will burn more calories too.  Parents might even learn some new sports skills!  And, equally important, is the time you will spend together laughing, learning, talking, and bonding as a family.

Small changes add up, so keep the big picture in mind and strive for long term results.  Think about the lifestyle you want your kids to adopt, and create it now!


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