Put in the time – It’s worth it

Posted on Thursday, February 17th, 2011  |  


Have you noticed how people are just drawn to babies and toddlers? We all love the smiles, the giggles, and the funny facial expressions. We love when our babies find their toes, start to roll, crawl, walk, and even talk. Children are entertaining and such a pleasure to watch. What a great joy it is to be around children. But wait. Some of you smile and know that with the good times there are the tough times. You think of the crying, temper tantrums, little scowling looks, and maybe even deliberate defiance. Wow, our cute little children can behave that way? Of course, this is all part of the learning process. Our children went from crying when they are hungry, tired, and dirty to being expected to communicate clearly what they want. This is a difficult task. They are also learning so much from the people around them. How do we behave? Are we expecting our children to act different than us? The big question for parents and those teaching children is “Are you purposefully teaching them?” We can't expect children to figure things out on their own. If they are, then I'm sure they, and those around them, are very frustrated and losing their patience. We need to put in the time and effort to help our children learn. It is not easy. It is hard. Too many times parents are letting the children make too many decisions simply because the parent is tired, frustrated, or too busy to put the time into helping and teaching. We need to remember that children didn't come into our lives without help, so we shouldn't expect them to go through life without help.

My wife and I have a 5 month old and a 2 year old. We know what it means to work at it. People talk about the “terrible twos”, terrible for whom? I'm sure my 2 year old, Austin, is just as frustrated as we are. This is such a wonderful time in life watching him explore and grow. Wait, we aren't just watching him, we are right their alongside him helping and putting in the time so he can learn. The “terrible twos” have turned into the “terrific twos” in our house. Don't get me wrong, Austin has temper tantrums and gets frustrated. The difference is that we understand that he is learning and we are going to help teach him with patience and love. It is hard work, but definitely worth it.

Watching children learn and grow can be such a treat for many people, but taking the time to teach children and help them is so much more rewarding. Being part of the process and knowing that this will be better for the children in the long run is why putting in the time and hard work is worth it any day of the week. Being a parent is a great responsibility and a wonderful gift. Enjoy your parenthood.


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