Finding Time For YOU!

Posted on Thursday, January 20th, 2011  |  


Alarm goes off at 7:30am and your day begins! If your day is anything like mine it looks a little like this… Feed the dogs and let them outside… while trying to keep them calm so not to wake the kiddo.  Jump in the shower quick before Leah wakes up. Just as I am getting out of the shower I hear her. One of the best parts of the days is walking in her room to a warm greeting “ Mommy! I got poopy ucky!” Not excited to change the diaper, but I love hearing her voice! While Leah eats breakfast and watches Dora I squeeze in make-up and hair drying time.  Then it's off to the next agenda item. Whether it is off to the babysitters, music class, gymnastics, or a friend's house we always have somewhere to go and something to do! Leah is very active and enjoys this! Back home for lunch and nap! Yes, nap time… the best part of the day right? Well, of course not, because there are dishes and laundry and cleaning and organizing and bills and just life! After nap time we make cookies (Leah loves to watch them bake in the oven) and we make dinner waiting with anticipation for Daddy to come home. The dogs are our warning that Daddy has pulled in the driveway and Leah waits and the door yelling DADDY! On with dinner and dishes and playtime until 8pm has snuck up on us and it is time to get ready for bed! Teeth brushing or in our house Teeth screaming and books and cuddle time that we all love! Our little baby cakes is in bed and now I have time for myself, right? Yeah right! It's time to plan for the day tomorrow, organize the mail, call family, or whatever is on your daily agenda. Time for bed! Nighty Night!

Does this sound familiar? Maybe your day is a little different, but you get the idea! As moms and dads our days are spent giving ourselves to our children, our spouses, our families and friends, work, and many others. We love it and enjoy life, but I think it is important to carve out some time for you! It is so easy to get lost in daily activities and responsibilities that we forget what we love and what is important to us. Like, before we had kids.

In July I found out baby #2 was on the way. The first thing I did was sign up for a pre-natal yoga class and it is the best thing I have done during this pregnancy. I wanted to set aside some time to focus on this pregnancy and new baby with no distractions. I have to say the first session was great, but when it came time to sign up for the second session it was hard to commit again. I had a fight with myself because I was feeling guilty taking the time for myself, the money, and my husband had to rush home from work so I could go. I ended up committing to a second session and now am in my third. It has been fabulous to have an encouraging husband because if it was just me I may have set aside this activity after the first session. Now I look forward to Monday nights because I take time for myself. I focus on myself, my baby, and I RELAX! And I am a better mom and spouse for taking that time.

So now I come to you! You are a fabulous parent and have many responsibilities, but what do you do for yourself? For you it may be getting together with friends, having a date night, getting a manicure, skiing, joining a book club, etc. The important thing is that you find time for you doing an activity that re-energizes you! It is important as a parent that you have time to recharge and give the best of yourself to your family! Good Luck!


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