To compete or not compete; that is the question

Posted on Tuesday, November 2nd, 2010  |  


In the world of children’s sports; competition and winning is emphasized at a very young age. Having experienced the best of both worlds (competitive versus non-competitive sports), there is a definite difference. Although both have benefits to offer, I feel that the non-competitive approach for the majority of children is the wisest choice. Here are four questions that I suggest that families address when deciding between competitive and non-competitive sports:

1. Can children really enjoy a sport truly for the benefit and fun of movement and achievement? The pressure to win or be the best is too much pressure for young bodies and minds.

2. Can a family really afford it? The financial cost to compete is very high. First there are the training fees; then booster club fees; then entry fees; then uniform fees; hotel and travel fees, and lots of miscellaneous fees.

3. Can family time be spared? Competitive athletes spend hours and hours in practice each week. This takes away from family meals, homework time, relaxation time, and just being a kid time.

4. Can children still feel good about themselves and not compete? Of course they can! An education based sports program is the best answer. It can also be something the whole family can enjoy!


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