Why have we overscheduled?

Posted on Tuesday, October 12th, 2010  |  


Have you heard the phrase “Enjoy it. It goes by way too fast.”? Most of you know exactly what I'm talking about and have already used this phrase many times. I am already saying this and I have a 22 month old boy and a 3 week old girl. It does go fast.  So what are we talking about here. Enjoy each day, each phase, or each moment? Well, of course all of the above.

The problem isn't that we are not enjoying all of these times. The problem is that we are not creating enough time to enjoy all of these times. Most of you will remember the times when we sat down and had family dinners, spent most of our time playing with friends and family, and we looked forward to weekends to spend time together. Now people talk about how busy their children are and how they have to drive them all over to different sporting events. They don't talk about family dinners, there isn't much time to play with friends and family, and weekends are dreaded to multiple sporting events and traveling.

Wow! I don't look forward to that at all. Do you? My plan is to go against the trend. My family is mine. Our time is ours. My children sure don't need to be as busy as I am with my full-time job. They need time to play, explore, and relax. Why can't neighborhood children be playing together more, families having more sit down dinners together, and parents having more time to spend relaxing and playing with their children?

They can! It's time to turn this trend around. Children don't need to be so involved in all these sports and activities. They don't need to learn the competitive sports yet. We can play baseball, soccer, and so many other sports in our yard or neighborhood park. This allows us to have family time and it's unscheduled. People have been doing this for years. Nothing is wrong with getting our children involved in single activities that may be one or two hours per week, but not some of these activities that really become time-consuming and may be unnecessary.

At Gymco we've created a program that can teach social skills, athletic skills, and confidence in just one hour per week. We have done this because we know the family and their time is important. As a young father I recognize that this time with my children will go by fast. It is in my best interest and control to make sure we have time as a family to enjoy together.


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