Gymco events     

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Open Gym: is year-round open playtime for all ages – jump on the trampoline, swing on the rope swing, and generally get moving in our gym. No reservations required, drop in any Mon – Sat at noon. Kids age 5+ may be dropped off after check-in, parents accompany younger kids in the gym. (infants & parent are free!) $5 for members, $10 fnon-members

Mini Moversyear-round open playtime just for toddlers age 0-4 and the parents who love them (no big kids allowed!).  Toddlers can cruise, crawl, walk, run and get moving with other little ones in our gym. No reservations required, just drop in any Tuesday at 9am. $5 per child (parents and non-crawling infants free)

Open Tumble: year-round open playtime just for older kids.  This is the time for older kids, age 8+ to practice, exercise and use the equipment without the little ones around. No reservations required, just drop in any Tuesday at 8:15pm. Open tumble is 1 hour long. $10 per child

Back Handspring Clinic:  one skill, 2 hours of back handspring instruction! $20 mem. $25 non-mem. Level B and up (must have mastered handstand & cartwheel)

Ready to save you spot?  Click on any event to register online! Or call at (616) 956-0586

Please note when registering for events: due to licensing restrictions, children under five years old may only attend up to five consecutive hours of programming per day.