gymnastics (ages 3-6)

Give your child the tools for a lifetime of physical participation with Gymco’s Gymnastics program for children aged 3-6 years! Life-long fitness habits begin with skills learned during childhood.

Parents say: ‘Gymco has helped my daughter build her confidence in her ability to master things that she tries. She feels competent and comfortable in her abilities. The atmosphere is friendly and she loves her teachers. She is always excited to show me the new things she is learning. While they do many of the same things each week, there is always a new theme and new way of practicing the same skills, which keeps her interest. The staff is supportive of the children and work with them from where they are at, but also give them the opportunity to make discoveries and grow in their skills as they are ready. She looks forward to Gymco day every week and I can see the excitement in her eyes. She is continuing to grow in her motor skills as well as her overall confidence!’

Gymco’s early childhood gymnastics program provides preschoolers and kindergartners with not only a foundation of gymnastics skills, but also the tools they need to enjoy a variety of sports throughout life.

In our Gymnastics classes, students grow by leaps and bounds in gross motor development, hand-eye coordination, rhythm, fine motor development, spatial awareness, and balance. They also build confidence, learn to set goals and gain leadership qualities!

Gymco classes present age-appropriate challenges for each stage of development and teach students independence while enhancing their problem-solving skills. From the student’s perspective, they’re just having fun!

All of our Gymnastics students have class once a week for 55 minutes. Going to miss a class? Not a problem! We offer unlimited make-ups!

New Option: Independent 2s

Independent 2s is a brand-new class created for kids who are not yet 3 years old – but are ready for a gymnastics class all their own! This class is available by recommendation only; interested families are invited to try out a Parent & Tot class and speak with their teacher regarding Independent 2s.

Objectives for our early childhood gymnastics classes

3-year-old class

  • follow teacher’s instructions
  • take turns and share with others
  • socialize with other children
  • learn conceptual skills
  • build confidence
  • identify parts of the body
  • sequences
  • explore and master motor skills
  • memorize body positions
  • enjoy being active!

4-year-old class

  • follow teacher’s instructions
  • memorize terminology
  • sequence skills
  • develop independence
  • build confidence
  • increase coordination, agility, strength,
    flexibility, depth perception, body and
    spatial awareness & balance
  • enjoy being active!

5/6-year-old class

  • learn to be a leader
  • sequence skills
  • develop independence
  • build confidence
  • master gymnastics skills
  • overcome physical & mental challenges
  • enjoy being active!


current schedule – gymnastics (ages 3-6)