gymnastics classes just for homeschoolers!


Gymnastics is the BEST Phys Ed class for fitness and sports preparation! Homeschoolers of all ages build strength, flexibility, coordination, balance, kinesthetic awareness, body control, and agility…the building blocks of all sports!

homeschool parents say: ‘This is an excellent program that teaches the kids gymnastic and athletic skills while incorporating learning. I think it is great that it lets the kids be active, so that they are more receptive to learning when we’re back in the classroom.’

  • get moving during the school day with weekly homeschool classes Tuesday – Friday
  • classes are co-ed, 55 minutes long, for ages 3-6 and ages 7-18
  • special discounted tuition for homeschool classes (all other classes are $70 per month)
  • interested in joining a homeschool class? email

A Gymco class is a get-moving-while-you-learn homeschool elective for grades K-12! We are proud to be Project Based Learning Homeschool Partner with Hamilton Community Schools and Jenison International Academy for the 2017/2018 school year. PBL students may choose to join our homeschool classes listed below, or (almost) any Gymco class! If you have questions, or would like Gymco to be included in your child’s homeschool PBL partnership, please email us at

Let Gymco make a difference in the life of your homeschooler! Gymco has been teaching kids to love fitness since 1980. Our goal is to help your homeschooler develop the physical skills and confidence to put them on the path for a lifetime of physical activity!

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