Gentle Gymnastics

Stay young with Gentle Gymnastics™

It’s time for parents, grandparents, aunts & uncles to get into the gym!

Gentle Gymnastics™ is for adults who want to increase their movement ability and confidence. Gentle Gymnastics is for adults of every age and ability; non-athletes who want to learn to move well and athletes who want to move better.  Adults will explore movement in a positive environment using safe and non-threatening progressions that help them experience success in small steps.  Gentle Gymnastics will increase balance, agility, coordination, spatial awareness, eye-hand coordination, eye-foot coordination, strength, flexibility, reaction time, confidence, and will help fight aging.  An additional benefit is that adults will meet new people and enjoy social connections while being active and having fun.  Gentle Gymnastics classes are taught by Gymco President Doreen Bolhuis, physical educator with over 50 years of experience; former elite level gymnastics coach; lifelong athlete.

Doreen Bolhuis, founder of Gymco and creator of the trademarked Gentle Gymnastics curriculum is enthusiastic to share her expertise and passion for fitness with local adults age 50+. Gentle Gymnastics aligns with Gymco’s philosophy of empowering physical activity at every age and throughout life.  This class for adults is a fun and accessible way for adults to gain fitness while having fun.  Adults who are already retired, almost retired, and those too young to retire are invited to join Doreen in this innovative new class.  She guarantees this class will be full of smiles and laughs instead of the grueling exhaustion and pain often associated with physical activity. The Gentle Gymnastics approach is a creative way to relearn things you’ve forgotten and to try new challenges.  “You’re never too old to experience the thrill of learning new skills to increase your confidence.  Gentle Gymnastics students will learn my secrets to staying young, supple, and active.”


Frequently asked questions about Gentle Gymnastics ™

How long is class? When are they?  Gentle Gymnastics is one hour long.  Classes are offered on Monday at 10:30 AM, Wednesday at 11:00 AM, Tuesday at 5:15 PM and 7:15 PM.

How do I sign up? Email, call (616) 956-0586 or go to Gymco classes 

What is the age range?   As a baby boomer herself, Doreen has created class this new class for baby boomers like herself, but any adult is welcome to join us as we learn to help fight aging with fitness!

How difficult is this class?   Gentle Gymnastics™ is suited to accommodate adults of all abilities. With our state of the art facility, Gymco has the equipment to help adults of all levels gain physical skills safely and at a level that suits your ability. Adults who are very physically active will be challenged in new ways using our extensive equipment. And adults who are taking their first step toward physical activity will experience physical activity at a safe, gentle pace that will challenge them at their own level.  The name of the class, Gentle Gymnastics, represents the heart of the program, our goal is to provide a gentle, accessible way for adults to improve their movement ability at any age and fitness level. The class instructor is a baby boomer herself and she understands the limitations and possibilities of the adult student.

What is the cost?   Gentle Gymnastics is $70 per month. Students are billed once a month on the first of the month. There is no registration fee, and no special equipment or attire is required for participation in the class.

How many people are in the class?   Class size is limited to 15 adult students.

What should I wear?   This is a casual fitness class for adults, Gentle Gymnastics students are encouraged to wear comfortable clothes that allow for movement, and plan to exercise in bare feet or in socks. We also ask that students do not wear jewelry or clothes with snaps or zippers. Students with long hair should wear their hair in a ponytail or bun.

How many weeks is this class?   Gentle Gymnastics follows our philosophy that fitness should be year round, and consistent.  Just like our classes for kids, Gentle Gymnastics is an ongoing class year-round. Our adult students can join the class anytime, and may drop out of the class at any time.