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  • I really value your mission and values, that you do not have a competitive focus, everyone is very friendly, and interested in each customer. Children are treated respectfully, given positive encouragement. – Joanne S., Grand Rapids
  • Gymco’s staff provides a wonderful environment where every child is treated as an individual. The coaches are motivating, enthusiastic, and fun! They are also incredible role models, always extremely positive and give every child the encouragement needed to learn a new task. The entire staff is always approachable and willing to assist in the development of each child’s individual needs. Safety is also a detail which is made a priority. My children have been enrolled in almost every program that Gymco offers, and we continue to be amazed at the level of communication and care that is given. – Robbyn B., Cascade
  • I love Gymco… and every time I go to any other gymnastics facility, I leave thinking ‘I love Gymco!’ Unfortunately, we no longer live in GR and nothing has compared to our experience at Gymco since we left. The staff there is so professional – and yet fun and engaging with the kids. It is so organized, and everything runs so smoothly! My daughter, who is now seven, gained so much confidence and independence when she took classes from 18 months to age three. I can’t bring myself to spend the money to send her (or my younger two daughters) to any other gym in our local area because nothing begins to compare. It’s hard when you know what you are missing. Please consider expanding to the Lansing area! – Erica Z., Lansing
  • [A major benefit for our family:] easy transition to preschool. – Jeff B., Grand Rapids
  • Gymco has wonderful teachers that have a warm heart but teach discipline also. The positive reinforcement that is given to the kids… it’s amazing. – Lisa H., Grand Rapids
  • At age 3 our son was diagnosed with Early Childhood Delay which included delay with his Gross Motor Skills. Ken-O-Sha recommended we put him in a special pre-school program and also recommended we send him to Gymco for weekly classes. At first our son struggled with the challenges at Gymco, but soon attained skill after skill and confidence along with it. For our son’s 4th birthday we had all the children from his preschool class come to a party at Gymco. The staff was incredible as they helped each child tackle skills. The party was a huge success!


  • In just a few months, my three year old son has made huge gains in his motor skills and confidence, inside and outside of gymnastics. The teachers are wonderful! – Alexis B., Grand Rapids
  • The instructors are wonderful! They are why we will continue with classes even after we move to Rockford. – Jen M., Grand Rapids
  • Great staff! The kids love going to class and having all of the teachers know their names! Bravo! – Christy B., East Grand Rapids
  • A quick note to let you know how beautifully your staff handled a situation with my son a few weeks ago – Cameron was so afraid of trying something new on the uneven bars and he wanted to give up. Not only did he want to quit, he was getting a little ‘mean.’ His teacher didn’t show any emotion back and just stuck with Cameron until he accomplished the task! Proud of himself and what he had just done, he high-fived Mr. Kevin (and we know the progress Cameron made that day goes FAR beyond the gym). I am so thankful for ALL the great instructors at Gymco and I wanted to make sure you heard of the persistence and professionalism displayed that day. Thank you for a safe and exciting play where my boys can grow. – Amy R.
  • My daughter has become quite strong, other adults notice how she is very strong and active and can do many things that other girls cannot. She was the only girl that got a presidential athletic award in kindergarten last year out of all 3 kindergarten classes. – Jennifer S., Caledonia
  • I was impressed at how the staff sensed the hesitation of my child when approached and backed off. They were in tune to the individual needs of the students. I was amazed at what my child could do. – Karen R., Ada
  • My daughter has found a physical exercise that she enjoys. It’s a great confidence builder. – Carleen C.
  • My daughter’s coordination has increased markedly. Also, she has benefited from Shannon being a positive role model and teaching her how to stand up for herself while still being polite about it. – Sarah T., East Grand Rapids
  • My child has increased confidence, improved agility, positive energy release, practice following directions. – Kristen W., Grand Rapids
  • I strongly recommended Gymco for any child with Gross Motor Delays especially between the ages of 3 and 6. – Amy D., Cascade


  • I have two busy boys, ages 3 and 5, who have been attending Gymco classes since they were 18 months old. This January they both started Discovery Preschool at Gymco and we all could not be happier. The curriculum is developmentally appropriate and focuses not only on physical and emotional well-being, but on sensory integration and different learning styles for cognition. My boys can’t wait to go to school and they have grown in all learning areas in the few short months they have been attending. Discovery Preschool has been a wonderful choice for our family. – Kori Q., East Grand Rapids

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