Maximize Your Membership!

Posted on Wednesday, September 16th, 2015  |  


Membership… for the win!

Being a member at Gymco is about community, education and raising the healthiest (happiest!) kids around… but did you know your membership can also save you a TON of time and money? Today’s blog looks at the top 5 ways to maximize the value of your Gymco membership. Read on to learn more!




  1. Book a birthday party. Members receive HUGE discounts on our birthday parties – most memberships pay for themselves this way!
  2. Come in for Open Gym. You’ll save nearly 40% each time you visit (vs. non-member pricing).
  3. Attend our members-only events. A few times a year, Gymco opens its doors to members only for free events and celebrations! It’s our way of saying ‘thanks’ for being part of the Gymco family.
  4. Sign up for Kids’ Night Out in seconds. You’re in our system already, so all you’ve got to do is call and say ‘sign us up for Minion night…’ and you’re done. No more long forms for you!
  5. See us on Snow Days. No school? Chances are, we’re hosting Snow Day Camps full of fun activities… and you’ll receive our member discount (stackable with multi-child discounts).

Need more numbers?

A single-child membership pays for itself in:
  • 14 Open Gym or Lunch Bunch visits (once or twice a month… rainy day fun, anyone?)
  • 8 Kids’ Night Out events or Snow Day Camps (psst: we host holiday events so parents can shop while kids play!)
  • One full week of Summer Day Camps
  • One Birthday Party (we told you it was a great discount!)

The real value…

We’re here for you!

As a Gymco member, you’ve got an all-star team of teachers and staff on call, ready to listen and help out with anything that might pop up. Need a back handspring lesson? No problem. Makeup class? Easy! Ready to ride on two wheels? We’ll teach you in just two hours. Drop-in care while you run errands? You bet. Let us know what you need, and we’ll do everything we can to make it happen. You’re part of the Gymco family now!

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